The artistic work of Warlamis becomes a bridge of communication between Greece and the Arab world.

Just as impressive as its opening, the exhibition with works by Makis Warlamis about Alexander the Great in Kuwait City was completed.

Then it was the voice of the internationally renowned Greek mezzo-soprano Alexandra Gravas who enchanted all the guests with her voice, now with the initiative of the Greek Embassy and the Vergina
Experimental Laboratory, which organized the event, came to Kuwait for the closing of the exhibition the dance group of cultural club of Vergina “Aiges” led by the president Mrs. Evdoxia Manolopoulou, the dance teacher Mr. Sotiris Tsirogiannis and the impressive costumes of Roumlouki with the Katsouli, the women’s headband that refers to the headdresses of the ancient Macedonians.

The chimes of Vassilis Manolopoulos and George Ouzounis and the dauli of Alexandros Gionoglou with the ancient Macedonian music resounded in the center of the Emirate in the atrium of “Avenues” the largest shopping center of the Arab Gulf countries and in the “LAPA” center – Loyac Academy of Performing Arts of Kuwait, where the band was the guest of honor for World Dance Day on Saturday, April 29. It was a worthy finale to a multidimensional and important artistic activity, – as evidenced by the presence at the opening and the farewell event, of politicians, businessmen and academics from both countries – which strengthened the understanding between the two countries on multiple levels and opened many positive prospects of bilateral cooperation both with Kuwait and with the neighboring countries that always maintain great respect and love for Alexander. The dance group to respond to the beautiful and hearty reception gave the Kuwaitis the opportunity to learn and dance Macedonian dances, but also to learn about the “katsouli” and its history from the folklorist, dance teacher and educator Mr. Tsirogiannis. To honor all the participants of the events that brought Greek Culture to Kuwait in a substantial and impressive way, the ambassador Mr. Konstantinos Piperigos received them at the Greek embassy and offered them symbolic gifts with the musicians playing “Famous Macedonia” and Rugatsia to dance with their wooden swords in an emotionally charged atmosphere.

The Macedonian Alexander, after 24 centuries, appeared again in the Arabian Gulf region, through the artistic work of Makis Warlamis and the beautiful escort of the Vergina Cultural Association, and is preparing to continue his journey, responding to the interest expressed by neighboring countries such as Bahrain, ancient Tylus of Macedonia, Dubai and Qatar.

The exhibition on Makis Warlamis‘ Alexander the Great in Kuwait was under the auspices of the Greek  Ambassador Mr. Konstantinos Piperigos and organized by the Vergina Experimental Laboratory and  the Austrian Art Museum, which represent the work of the late Warlamis. The National University of  Kuwait and the “Contemporary Art Platform (CAP)” of Kuwait contributed to the great success.

Among the local sponsors, and especially for the events with the Greek dance group, was the Greek company DESFA, something that made the Greeks living and working in Kuwait, proud

The photos:
1. Hundreds of visitors videotape and photograph the dancers and musicians in the large mall  “AVENUES” (the largest Mall in the entire Arab world). In no time, Social networks were flooded with  material from the original and impressive action. 
2. At the “Loyac Academy of Performing Arts” the Kuwaitis learn Macedonian dances from Mr. Sotiris Tsirogiannis and dance them together with the children of the dance group. 
3. The member of the dance troupe Athena Gogu with prominent sheikhs of Kuwait. 
4. The “katsouli” its history and its elaborate tying were shown by folklorist and educator Mr. Sotiris Tsirogiannis. 
5. The Greek Ambassador Mr. Konstantinos. Piperigos honorably welcomes the musicians and dancers to the Greek Embassy. 
6. The farewell event of the exhibition at the “Contemporary art platform” is accompanied by the musicians and dancers from Rumlouki and Vergina.