The opening of the Warlamis exhibition in Luxembourg was held with great success on Wednesday, September 20. The exhibition entitled “LUXEMBOURG SANTORINI the two paradises on earth” was held in the main hall of the DA VINCI FORUM in the center of Luxembourg. The forum room was filled with Greeks from Luxembourg but also with Luxembourgers who know and follow the work of Warlamis. The opening was made by the former Minister of Culture Mrs. Erna Hennicot Schoepges and the president of DA VINCI FORUM Mrs. Michelle Friederici. The organization of the exhibition was undertaken by the Greek Community of Luxembourg, the association of Greek Culture in Luxembourg, ART EDUCATION MANAGEMENT, ESPACE ARTIME and the Warlamis Art Museum from Austria together with the Vergina Experimental Workshop. The exhibition includes paintings by the Greek artist from his Luxembourg and Santorini collections. As part of the exhibition, on October 10th there will be a workshop at the DA VINCI FORUM with the architects and engineers of Luxembourg on the topic: LUXEMBOURG AND SANTORINI. ARCHITECTURAL CHALLENGES.

At the same time, at the ZITHA KLINIK hospital located in the center of Luxembourg, there is a Warlamis exhibition on the theme: THE THERAPEUTIC POWER OF ART.


In the photos shown, we can see a part of the exhibition spaces at the DA VINCI FORUM, the opening ceremony, Mrs. Friederici between two of her colleagues, while in the last photo we can see, from the left, Pavlos Trochopoulos (Vergina Experimental Laboratory), the representative of Hellenic Embassy Mr. Andreas Gouras, Mrs. Schoepges and the representative of the Metropolitan of Belgium, Fr. Panagiotis.