The two-day celebration for the Apostle Paul began on Wednesday, June 28 at 6:00p.m. in the impressive archaeological site of the Early Christian churches of Amphipolis with its stunning view of the Strymonikos gulf and the Pangaeo mountain range.

The celebration, framed by the paintings from the unique artistic work of E. Warlamis on the Apostle of the Nations, revives the presence of Paul in a historically charged space to remind us again of his leading role in the Christianization of Greece and the Western World.

The program included a ritual procession from the Paleochristianiki to the village church where the Divine Liturgy takes place. In the church there was also a small exhibition with the paintings of E. Warlamis about the Apostle Paul and at the end of the evening the feast of the celebrants followed.

The Celebration continued on Thursday morning with the festive Divine Liturgy at the church of St. Paul in Amphipolis.