The idea is, for the city of Veria to pay tribute to the great Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis with an exhibition of paintings of the internationally renowned architect and painter Makis Warlamis, who is originated from Veria.

An original exhibition, that brings together Art and the Market in a dynamic relationship. The paintings will be displayed ιn the shop windows of the market center of Veria.

With this action the city of Veria, under the auspice of both the Ministries of Interior (Macedonia & Thrace department), and Development & Investments, and with the cooperation of all local bodies (Municipality of Veria, Veria Trade Organization, Imathia Regional Government, Imathia Chamber of Commerce) sends a message throughout all of Greece: the message of creativity and working together, for the benefit of all.


An art exhibition of the paintings from the collection “Mikis Theodorakis” created by Makis Warlamis, displayed in the shop windows of the city’s market center. To that end, in addition to the original works, a series of copies on canvas at an appropriate size will be produced and as such indicated. Alongside with the paintings of the exhibition, there will also be texts written by Warlamis and Theodorakis, referring to their collaboration.

At the same time, at selected public spots, there will be screenings of the visual representation that Warlamis created for Theodorakis’ symphony “Sadducees” and the film that was made by the producer Yorgos Sgourakis.

Sculptures and installations created by Warlamis, inspired by the life and work of Theodorakis, will signal the space limits of the exhibition.

Throughout the entire duration of the exhibition, in the central market area, there will be music and speaking happenings that will contribute to a fun and recreational spirit for the whole city.

A specialized phone application along with an original map will serve as a guide to this original exhibition for visitors of all ages.


This action works on many levels and responds directly to people’s desires and society’s needs.

An exhibition that both entertains and cultures people, without any discriminations or exclusions in the city, without any timetables or any fear of …distances.

The city is transformed into a live interactive museum. And on the other hand, Art is an advocate for the Market. It creates a fun environment and leads people into taking an “original” walk in the market. And not just the locals, but people from the surrounding regions as well.

Finally, the project’s educational aspect aims to inform people, and more so the students, regarding the two great contemporary artists, Makis Warlamis and Mikis Theodorakis. By informing the schools and with specially guided tours of primary and secondary education pupils, the goal is to bring the young generations closer to Art and its role in modern day reality.


 Art and market

This is one of the project’s titles and is based on an idea of the memorable Makis Warlamis who himself was a champion for the dynamic relationship between Art and the Market.

Art enters into the city’s market and opens up an authentic and live communication with its citizens. And when Art is linked with the city’s iconic artist, Efthymios Warlamis, presenting his work on Mikis Theodorakis, the national music composer and patriot, then this becomes an event for the whole country but with global dimensions as well.

The whole city will experience the intensity and the rhythm of those two great contemporary creators that through their life and work demonstrated the power and the value of Art but more importantly its deep relationship with everyday people, the whole of society.